Welcome to GM Photoz

Hey everyone!! Welcome to GM Photoz.

Big changes this year in our lives and our business as life never presents us with a dull moment :) My husband Cedric and I have opened our hearts to foster parenting in hopes of even providing a permanent home for any children that need it. In order to give any children that are placed with us the time and attention they deserve I'm afraid we will not be doing Weddings, Families, Children or Baby photos anymore :(

We will only be doing Senior Photography. And we are now booked for the year for our Senior Photography. This was an extremely hard decision for us to make but unfortunately for now this is what we will have to do in order to accommodate this big change in our lives.

Having said that we want to thank all of our wedding, family, children and baby clients from the bottom of our hearts for your business and support. You have all been amazing and it makes us so sad to know that we won't get to see some of you on a regular basis anymore. Please let us know if you would like some referrals to some other photographers for your future sessions. Just email me at and I will hook you up :) Thank you again from the bottom our hearts. Sincerely, Gena and Cedric McPherson

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